When we talk of affordable housing, we have to look at it from the point of view that ‘expensive’ houses are a direct result of the construction process.

We are all about reducing the cost of construction by reviewing the basic process of it. It is amazing just how much money and time we get to save by this approach. When coupled with our project management tool, SmartProjects, the experience is one of a kind!

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Success Stories

Forest Adventure Center And Lodges

Located in Kereita Forest, Lari, Kiambu, The investors in this project quickly learnt of the value of construction process management and today, this is one of the most popular adventure destinations in Kenya.

Henleys Apartments, Rongai

When the group of young home seekers first came together, this was an impossible dream. A long the way, they learnt the only secret that would enable them achieve their dreams for their families. This is one of the most remarkable stories to home ownership in recent times.

Holiday Homes Karen

Every investor is looking for the best value for their money. While this is a luxury establishment, the investor here is smart and knows just how to maximize on their returns by managing the key costs in their investments: Cost of construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JengaSmart an App?

No. JengaSmart is a project management service that we offer. However, there is a tool (app) we use to ensure efficiency. It is called SmartProjects.

Do I hand over project money to you?

No. We only get paid our project management fees. The developer is incharge of the rest of the money.

Can I come with my own suppliers and fundis?

Absolutely. We however have a network of consultants, suppliers and technicians that we have worked with and can recommend